High quality shades HD COLOR

This group of consumers of washable paints of different nuances, first of all, appreciates the accuracy of surface shade transfer as well as the resistance of dark shades to wear.

We use pigments of the highest quality, resistant to light interaction, so the shades are uniformly applied to the surface. We have selected special recipes that guarantee high friction resistance and dark shades. Our tinting software is very precise and we have an exact transfer of surface nuances.AkzoNobel Decorative Paints has developed a unique pigment blending and algorithmicolorimetric software for the most reliable, repeatable and best shade accuracy. We offer a wide range of different shades based on two tinting bases. The products are thixotropic, so it is very easy to get a smooth surface, in addition, it is easy to work with them. There are no concessions in terms of friction resistance of dark tones. Excellent hiding power.